Minnie's Bizarre Tweet!

Did she really tweet THAT?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Minnie Dlamini  | Drama

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For the longest of time, South Africa's self proclaimed, 'Diamond', Minnie Dlamini - Jones has mostly been fairly responsible on various social media platforms. However quite recently, she stirred up her Twitter feed when she tweeted about how a particular male genitals can be hypnotising and thus causing one, especially ladies to lose all sense of logic and consciousness. During the last part of the tweet, she assumed that most ladies should know what she's was talking about.

Some of her legions of fans shared her sentiments but also scores of them were left shook by Minnie's  tweets as not such unsavoury content would be expected from a celebrity of her stature.

Could this be another way of Mrs Jones letting us in on her much guarded marriage life or merely just a matter of thinking out loud? If the latter is to assumed, then many advised that she should have kept such thoughts to herself or within her circle of friends, however if the former is to be believed then it could provide the public with some really cool and interesting facts about how Minnie gets dazed sometimes after a few intimate sessions with her husband, Quintin Jones.

Of course this kind of a tweet, especially from Minnie was bound to attract a mixed bag of reactions. Below is just some those comments.

We are witnessing another side to the usually coy and upright Minnie Dlamini. Looking forward to more fun tweets such as these from the star.

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