Twitter claps back at Minnie Dlamini's "club" tweet

When you're trying to show people that you're a hard worker but it backfires.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Minnie Dlamini  | Drama

Minnie Dlamini

It's public knowledge that when you work in the entertainment industry, you're bound to be accustomed to abnormal working hours. From working on a Sunday night to having to wake up at the dusk of dawn for a 5:00 am call time...

It's just how the industry works and we have no doubt that our entertainers and media personalities work extremely hard at ensuring they deliver the numerous tasks at hand.

One media personality who decided to remind us of how much of a hard worker she is, isΒ Minnie Dlamini.

The presenter sent out this tweet earlier on in the day....Β 

Minnie Dlamini tweet

Which we would consider to be a very innocent tweet, to be honest, but Twitter took the announcement otherwise.

Shade from all corners of Twitter came straight into Minnie's mentions. People expressed how they're also as hard of a worker as Minnie and that she should just leave them be whilst they enjoy their weekend.

True, aint no shame in clubbing, but then again did Minnie say it's a shame?

Ok this was a random tweet but a bit funny.

Yoh! This tweet brought up a lot of chest pains, do you guys remember when Minnie Dlamini was assaulted at club Kong during her 24th birthday celebrations?

According to reports, Minnie was struck by an empty bottle which was thrown at her. Hmmm.. maybe that's why she'd rather work hard then go clubbing these days.

Yeah no, people are not impressed with South Africa's diamond.

Wow, Twitter doesn't play.


Minne later posted these tweets, was this her way of apologizing to everyone?Β 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@MinnieDlamini