Miss SA gets dragged for its pageant regulations

South Africans are not impressed with the pageants strict international regulations

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama

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Throughout the past couple of years, beauty pageants have lost their popularity with the public which has lead to less attention towards such contests.

But the Miss SA pageant recently received some unfavorable attention after the organization announced that entries were now open for their intake.

Parts of the regulations process that got people charging into a rage of anger were the pregnancy and marriage rules shown in this tweet.


After the tweet, it was downhill from there on as people expressed their dissapointment at the organizations regularities.

Miss Sa tweets

The organization responded to people's dismay by explaining that they are following international pageant regulations and that having contestants who are either married or have kids would prove to be difficult as the busy schedule would keep the reigning queen away from her family most of the time.

Miss Sa

This is quite a sound reason don't you think?

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Main Image Credit: Twitter/@Official_MissSA