Mohale Motaung's Abuse Allegations Against Somizi

Here is what Somizi did to Mohale

By  | Aug 14, 2022, 03:05 PM  | Mohale Motaung  | Drama

Somizi and Mohale
After years of what we all thought was a happy relationship and a blissful marriage, hell broke loose on Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung’s marriage when a leaked conversation where Mohale was accusing Somizi of abusing him emerged.

The leaked conversation opened up a can of worms and pretty soon the world came to know of Somhale’s flawed paradise, with divorce proceedings kicking off.

Here is a look at all the details about Mohale Motaung’s abuse allegations against Somizi, the person who leaked the conversation, and how far the Mohale and Somizi’s divorce has gotten.

The Mohale Motaung’s abuse allegations 

Mohale and Somizi, source: Instagram

On 1st August 2021, Mzansi Twitter went wild after a private conversation that Mohale Motaung had reportedly held with producers of Somzi’s reality show Living the Dream with Somizi was reportedly leaked with a finger of accusation pointed at BarLeader CEO Legend Manqele.

Manqele distanced himself from the leaking allegations and Mohale also denied having leaked the audio himself. He released a lengthy statement on his social media pages voicing his disappointment over the leaked audio conversation.

Photos of Mohale's injuries, source: Twitter

In the conversation, Mohale Motaung accused his ex-husband- Somizi of physically and verbally abusing him throughout their relationship. In Mohale’s statement, Somizi had started abusing him just a few weeks into their relationship.

Recounting just how bad things had gotten, Mohale recounted how one day, his husband threatened him with a knife after he spent a night at a friend’s house. The actor revealed that when he took his car keys and made his way outside, Somizi grabbed a knife and threatened to kill them both if he walked out of the house.

Mohale also accused Somizi of breaking his ribs a year before and almost breaking two of his teeth in a separate incident.

Mzansi’s reaction to Mohale Motaung’s abuse allegations

Somizi and Mohale during their wedding, source: Instagram

As soon as Mzansi got wind of Mohale Motaung’s abuse allegations by Somizi Mholongo, tweeps took to Twitter to condemn Somizi’s actions.

Some tweeps also applauded Mohale for speaking up against the domestic violence he had suffered for a long time and encouraged him to fight to get back together.

Jackie Phamotse Twitter screenshot

And although many tweeps sympathized with Mohale Motaung following his abuse allegations, some were quick to point a finger at him and accuse him of being after Somizi’s money.
Mohale Motaung's car that was allegedly wrecked by Somizi, source: Twitter

These accusations were of course dismissed as Mohale later revealed that he wanted nothing from the divorce except a new car as he claimed that Somizi had wrecked his during their marriage.

Somizi Mholongo’s response to Mohale Motaung’s abuse allegations

Shortly after Mohale Motaung’s abuse allegations against Somizi went viral, Somizi released a statement denying the accusations and terming them as false and defamatory.

In his statement, Somizi denied ever abusing Mohale throughout the time they were together or ever sabotaging his efforts to secure his financial independence.

Somizi Mhlongo's statement, source: Instagram

Although both Somizi and Mohale both requested privacy as they dealt with their separation and divorce, in the past few months we have witnessed more confessions and drama from both sides, and it’s likely to get more intense.

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