Moonchild Is Just Moonchild!

She doesn't need to pull any stunts!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Moonchild Sanelly  | Drama

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Moonchild Sanelly is definitely South African entertainment's newest Wild Child! The Gqom Queen is known for her bubbly and unpredictable personality making her a treat for interviews.

Fans love Moonchild's free spirit. Many feel like she is one of the few representations for women with similar interests and aesthetics. Moonchild's confidence in her sexuality and her autonomy over her body is inspiring to many women in the country who may be too afraid or not confident enough to have the same attitude. But with a lot of admiration comes a lot of hate.

Moonchild has been on aa high lately, enjoying the praise from her nation for her being one of the African acts selected to be on The Lion King soundtrack album. Moonchild's on The Gift album after being hand-selected by Beyonce herself! She clearly has a lot to be excited about but there's one interview on her press tour that has landed her in hot water.

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Moonchild recently appeared on SABC 1's Real Goboza recently and twerked for the show's presenters - and we mean really twerk! The star, as she always does, showed off her signature booty in a thong on national television and people are upset.

A video clip of the interview went viral. While many enjoyed Moonchild's brand of entertainment, many were shocked at her "uncivilized" behavior. But Moonchild doesn't seem fazed by the outrage.

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Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Moonchild said she was just being herself! She also clarified that she didn't do it for attention but rather because that's just the kind of person she is. She was quoted saying the following: 

"I don’t feel anything that people say. I do what I like and I blocked out the hate. If you choose to focus on my personality, when I choose to be myself, it's on you.

..This is not a strategy this is who I am... I like my bum, I love my body and I celebrate it. People must get over themselves... I have an amazing bum but I work for it. If no one is talking about you, when you are being yourself, then you have a problem. If you make people talk about you because it’s a strategy, then you have to maintain the non-personality because of strategy."

Well, we hope people get used to seeing Moonchild being herself because her star is definitely on the rise! 
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