Moonchild on opening an adult club and launching a line of sex toys

She's not here for societal impositions 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Moonchild Sanelly  | Drama

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Moonchild on opening an adult club and launching a line of sex toys

Musician, Moonchild Sanelly has never been one to adhere to the mundane restrictions imposed upon us by society, which is why her wish to open an adult club and release a range of sex toys comes as no surprise. 

Speaking to Metro FM's Thomas Msengana during 'Lunch with Thomas & Pearl,' she confirmed that she is definitely launching a space for adults that allows them to freely exist, in a state of nudity without worrying about being harassed or violated. 

"Because what I've noticed in my research is that a lot of those spaces, neh? It's old white couples... And I'm sure there's people like me who just wanna like go out, naked and not care about their body shape and not care about being violated..." explained Sanelly. 

She went on to add, "I feel if people already bought into the idea of being half naked where we already walk into the club with a bra but we get violated anyway, that space is actually very protective. The moment there's a creep, they get kicked out. So I wanna make it normal for the black community because you hardly see blacks there."

"I want to kill the taboo of it because it's actually very safe"

In addition to stating her desire to open a franchise of these venues across the country, she added that she would love to expand into the business of sex toys and "everything that's got to do with liberation in the bedroom."

They had to cut the conversation short due to the fact that they were on air in the afternoon but she also spoke about the recent "beef" between TDK Macassette and DJ Maphorisa which she got caught up in after the DJ used Moonchild Sanelly to replace the singer on a song (Nayi Le'Walk). 

Sanelly said she doesn't know TDK Macassette. 


Listen to the interview below which begins at the 14 minute mark: 

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