Moonchild Sick & Tired Of Bitter Legends

She is not holding back

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Moonchild Sanelly  | Drama


Seems like someone has rubbed Moonchild the wrong way.

The musician who is best known for her features on songs like Walk ye Phara and Makhelwane has garnered herself a lot of success since becoming one of the most recognizable house/gqom vocalists in South Africa.

Everyone wants a piece of this young creative and her unique voice, but it also seems like not everyone is happy with the work she is creating.

Although we're not sure who Moonchild is exactly referring to, she recently released a video stating exactly how she feels about legends who are bitter about new school artists.

The video which is currently going viral on social media has everyone interested at what Moonchild had to say.

Moonchild started the video by saying that bitter legends are boring, she further stated that if legends can't handle the fact that they've inspired or empowered other people then they've got some serious issues to deal with.

She posted the video with the caption that read:
"Bitter legends are boring!!!
Such a sad situation when all we do is work very hard! Then they complain about every new comer (according to them) not making real music! 
What the fuck?! 
Legends I know are humble & embrace us!
Get out of here with ur disrespect expecting respect!"

Check out the video below:

Apart from what she said what also had people interested in the video was the rather awkward object behind Moonchild.

Many people are of the belief that this object is a dildo, the object even caught the attention of Thandiswa Mazwai.

While others were clearly shocked at what laid before their eyes.

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Main Image: ANMG