Watch: Moonchild wrongfully accused of being in possession of drugs

All because of how she looks

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Moonchild Sanelly  | Drama

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Moonchild Sanelly

Musician, Moonchild has found herself in a very traumatic experience whilst in another African country. 

The ordeal came to the public's knowledge when a friend of hers tweeted that she had been assaulted by the police at an airport in Namibia.


The singer had been in the country for a performance and although she had a great experience performing there....

....her travelling experienced turned traumatic after she was detained at an airport for allegedly being in possession of drugs. Now although the friend mentioned that Moonchild was assaulted in Namibia, the video below shows her mentioning that she was actually detained in Tanzania and not in Namibia.

In the video, Moonchild further mentions that she was being accused of having drugs that she did not have. A visibly irritated Moonchild is seen scuffling with security at the airport and arguing with the staff. 

"I'm in Tanzania and I can't make the Cape Town show 'cause people don't understand color and they just have to be racist about everything and you have to call them madam, but you don't even have drugs. Just because you look like drugs....they didn't find drugs..." She said.

Watch the full video below:

Watch: Moonchild held up at Tanzanian airport #zalebsnews

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