Moshe Ndiki drags a past acquaintance from hell and back

If there is one person who isn't afraid to speak his mind, it's this guy right here

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Moshe Ndiki  | Drama

Moshe Ndiki shocked

Some love him and some hate him but he probably really doesn't care because...well...he's Moshe and he does and says what he feels.

Just recently, the UyangthandaNa presenter and actor had many of his followers rolling on the floor with laughter after he described how one of his ex's fling smelt like and let's just say it got really dirty.

Moshe Ndiki did not mince his words as he described the flings odour.


Yho, you must've really pissed someone off for them to describe your odour like that.

Moshe's ex probably saw the tweet and was like....


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Main Image Credit: Twitter