Moshe Scores Brownie Points

The media personality cooked up a feast for the Balas.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Moshe Ndiki  | Drama

Whenever one learns that their potential in laws are making their way to their home, thoughts of impressing them will most likely be of shoot up the roof.  (You want them to like you, don't you?)

South African media personality, Moshe Ndiki had the pleasure of hosting his partner, Phelo Bala's family for a scrumptious lunch, as this fraction of the Bala family was in Johannesburg for the weekend and they were truly treated like royalty. Moshe made sure to prepare a feast for them.

A post by Phelo on his Twitter account, gave an impression that indeed things went well, as his older brother, Loyiso complemented the food as well.

Instagram embed

Phelo and Moshe are slowly cementing the seriousness of their relationship. Judging by their sizzling snaps on Instagram, one could easily pick up that these two are all things relationship goals.

This is isn't the first time that Phelo's family comes through in support of his union to Moshe, as they had previously shown face after Moshe was celebrating an achievement of his. Most couples crave for support and acceptance from their partner's family, therefore seeing just how much of a regular feature, these two's families are in their lives, surely helps in the comfort and security of the relationship.

We are glad to see that Moshe and Phelo are (finally) out and proud with regards to their relationship, hence that was not the case when we broke their love story because they kept referring to each other as "cousin brothers". Yeah right, like we believed that. Look at them now!

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Main Image Credit: Instagram