Mshoza Encourages Moonchild's Semi-Nudity

She lives for Moonchild's aesthetic

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Mshoza  | Drama

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Mshoza was so impressed by musician Moonchild this past week that she took to Twitter to sing her praises. But it wasn't only her moves and lyrics that caught her attention, it was her "exposed booty" as well.

Moonchild stole the night at the SAMAs nominees event last week, where Mshoza was also performing. The OG kwaito musician couldn't hold back her admiration for the "embodiment" of freedom Moonchild was for her.

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She took to Twitter to say as much and her post got tweeps talking.

"So it's okay for the Beyoncés and them to come into our democratic country ngentsula (half-naked) but for our own Moonchild, you ask so many questions?" she asked.

Mshoza told TshisaLive that she loves Moonchild's vulnerability and her confidence with showing off her body.
The picture simply encourages other women to feel free and embrace their bodies and stop thinking about abantu bazothini syndrome. 
Mshoza compared Moonchild's nudity to that of Beyonce and said that it would be unfair to let a musician like Beyonce be able to express herself in that way but not let Moonchild do the same.

Which had some of Mshoza's followers agreeing with her.

Mshoza is clearly a stan for Moonchild and believes in her aesthetic, which shows that women really do have each other's backs.

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