Are Mshoza & Ntsiki Besties Now?

The feud that lasted nine years has come to an end

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Mshoza  | Drama

Recently Mshoza and Ntsiki Mazwai were snapped embracing each other after a long-standing their feud over skin complexion and weaves was officially squashed.

The pair, whose "feud" started as a twar after Mshoza felt personally attacked when Ntsiki expressed her strong dislike for wigs and slammed people that bleach their skin, recently met at the Moja Love studios and buried the hatchet.

Mshoza  stated to TshisaLive:

We just bumped into each other on set. And our spirits just filled the room. It was natural honest love and sisterhood that connected us. She even told me that I am her icon. She expressed her love for me. Nothing but love prompted us to be reunited. I want people to know that we are two different species and the contribution we bring into the industry adds value.

Mshoza wanted bygones to be bygones because as it stands, she couldn't even remember why she was so mad at Ntsiki in the first place.

However, she's totes over it now and nothing made her happier that reuniting with her industry sister.

"I am in space in my life were I tirelessly working on uniting every industry women. My goal still the same to fill up a stadium with the most powerful women in African music. The day will come and abafazi (women in the) industry will be leading the pack. Watch this space."

It is beautiful to see that these ladies can squash their beef after all these years.
Do you think this reunion is genuine? Do you think that this reunion will last, or just until Ntsiki says something off the wall again?

In the words of Mshoza, "Watch this space".

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