Why Nakhane Left South Africa

He tells his side of the story

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Nakhane Touré  | Drama

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Nakhane is going global! The trailblazer is on every list and has been growing his fandom around the world. People around the world are drawn to his bold and creative aesthetic as a queer artist today. Something uncommon to see from an African act on a global stage. 
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The SAMA and SAFTA award-winning musician left South Africa last year in the wake of the backlash against the 2017 film "Inxeba: The Wound". The movie came out to huge success on the global stage having shown in multiple prestigious film festivals. The issue came when the film was shortlisted for an Academy Award (aka the Oscar's).

In order to qualify to be nominated for an Oscar, a film has to be released in cinemas in its country of origin. Although already making news around the world from film critics giving it rave reviews, the decision to release it in South Africa did not go well. Traditional leaders in South Africa called for Inxeba to be banned from local cinemas for allegedly incorrectly depicting the Xhosa initiation ceremony and its use in a movie about a gay love story. There was public outrage including threats of violence against the cast and crew.
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Fast forward to today and Nakhane is both happy and safe living in Europe. But there has always been rumours about why he left the country so soon after the backlash reached fever pitch. Many believe his life was in danger and he had to flee.

But in a recent interview with the Huffington Post in the US, Nakhane clarified that his fans have no cause for alarm. It was all about the music.

"I didn’t flee - that’s not really the way it happened. While all of this is happening, the album was getting mixed and mastered. I knew I was going to do a lot of press in Europe. So it made sense, practically, to move," explained Nakhane.

When asked why he had to cancel dates across South Africa before moving, he said, "I had to cancel some of my planned trips to the Eastern Cape and Cape Town due to the threats, but I've really said everything there is to be said."

It seems that Nakhane has sacrificed a lot in the name of his art while living in South Africa. It has been amazing to watch him grow as an artist now that he has found a way to express himself without fear or the constant threat of backlash. We can't wait to see what's next!

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