Nasty C Calls Out All Our Parents

Nasty C speaks out for his generation

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Nasty C  | Drama

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South African rapper, Nasty C has launched scathing criticism of the elders who birthed us. That's right... 

Many of us reading this article are probably millennials - the single most criticised generation of human beings since the infamous baby boomers of the 1940s - 1960s. We are constantly hearing about how "Millennials need more attention" or how companies need to "cater to millennials"  or why we need to be understood better and most prominently; why we are the "softest" or "weakest" generation of human beings.

This criticism comes most strongly from the Xennials, the generation that directly preceded ours and the one that most of our parents belong to. However, it is not often enough that we millennials turn the finger of blame in the opposite direction and start asking some very difficult questions of our parents, uncles and aunties.

Nasty C, who is very much a member of the new-school and is probably tired of seeing his generation criticised at every opportunity, decided to finally take our elders to task when he hopped on twitter.

This was only the beginning of the criticism. The rapper whose real name is David Junior Ncobo went IN on the previous generation and let it be known that they were failing their children in a number of ways.

He ended off his powerful rant by suggesting that although we were the "damned" generation, it was because of a lack of leadership from their parents.

" Stop pointing fingers at the damnded.  The problem is the ones that damnded them.  Y’all responsible for this shit coz y’all not paying attention!  Clear sign that the generation before mine is SLACKING.  they let the culture of calling each other “Brother / Sister” DIE WITH THEM... today we call each other “Bitch, Hoe, Nigga, Dog.....” and that’s FINE???!!!!? Lmao.  Y’all a joke"

The tweets sparked plenty of controversy on the socials, not least from those who felt as if Nasty C and his generation were not taking enough responsibility for their own failures.

However, it's worth pointing out that many other critics agreed with Nasty C's analysis of where our parents have let us down.

However the one opinion that matters the most is yours - do you feel as if our parents have failed this generation?

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