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He's working towards being a better man

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Nasty C  | Drama

Setting the bar high is something Nasty C has always been able to do. With hard work and dedication, he has successfully solidified himself as one of the most successful rappers to ever come out of the African continent.

In February it was announced that Nasty C was the official ambassador for the AXE fragrant.

Through the partnership AXE and Nasty C are planning on connecting with the youth and inspire them to break the status quo, redefine what it means to be a man and “Find their Magic.”

ZAlebs recently caught up with the multi-award winning rapper to learn more about his role as an AXE ambassador and how he hopes to inspire the youth, especially young man about keeping true to themselves.

Considering how public your relationship has become do you ever feel like you've shown the public too much of your relationship?


No, it’s important for young men to be comfortable expressing themselves whether that is through art, your emotions or insecurities. I’m encouraging everyone to be confident and live their own truth. That’s why I am so comfortable making my relationship public.

 In recent months you've done something most people in the public eye would never do, which is revealing your personal insecurities and vulnerabilities. When you showed your toe to the world, were you not nervous or scared that the world would use that vulnerability about yourself against you?

I was nervous about showing a part of me that I hid from the world for so long, but I guess it’s what drove me to do it, once I accepted who I am, flaws and all, the idea of how the public would receive or react to it wasn’t that important. More than anything else, me doing that was a public expression, and hopefully it inspired young guys like myself to be comfortable being their authentic selves, it’s all about finding your magic, and I feel this was a good place to start. It’s also one of the things that made the AXE partnership truly organic and aligned to me personally, AXE is all about doing you and being confident – and that’s what I did.


How did this ambassadorship come about and what drew you to the Axe brand?

I was excited when AXE and I joined together to create this important role as the Gold Father because I want to inspire and lift young people in South Africa as I always move towards achieving my next goals.

 I’ve started using AXE when I was a teenager and I still do today, so it was a natural fit. When we started talking, I got excited about moving away from the typical male stereotypes. I push to be the nest version. Of myself every day and I want to inspire others to do the same.

In your opinion what defines an Axe man?

For me, the AXE Man reflects someone who pushes through boundaries and is determined to always Go for Gold and achieve their goals. It’s confidence embodied, the brand provides the scent to make you feel good about yourself it’s all about embracing it and being authentically you, not being afraid of being vulnerable, different or anything besides who you are.

What's the best grooming advice you can give to all the young men out there who are trying to look and smell their best?

The most important thing is finding and doing what works best for you, so find a fragrance and routine that makes you feel attractive and confident. Make sure you try the Axe body wash and Gold Anti-Perspirant to make your day great. It works for me.

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