Pregnant ‘Skeem Saam’ Actress Attacked

A bouncer allegedly grabbed Neo Ramitshana by the neck.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Neo Ramitshana  | Drama

Skeem Saam actress Neo Ramitshana is fuming after an incident at a restaurant that left her shaken.

The 33-year-old, who plays Botshelo, took to social media to detail how she was allegedly attacked by a bouncer at 'Altitude Rooftop Restaurant and Bar' in Pretoria on Women’s Day.

Neo says she went to the restaurant because she was craving “wors and pap”. But the outing ended up being a nightmare. 

“I’m so disgusted, outraged and hurt! What a way to conclude one’s Women’s Day!” she wrote in a lengthy Facebook post.

Neo says the drama started when she realised she left her takeaway bag and decided to head back inside the restaurant, but the bouncer allegedly refused to give her access 

“As I turn around, I am then grabbed by a mountain of a man... Shouting "TAG", I’m like; "I’m just going to fetch my food I’m leaving". Then I proceed... He then grabs me by neck, strangling me to pull me so I don’t proceed. I’m then aggravated and shouting “WTF”, and he proceeds to slap me around!” she wrote. 

Neo says she was then “manhandled by a number of other Altitude bouncers and stripped naked as a result of this altercation”. 

“Guys, I’m visibly pregnant, I’m a woman, and not that it matters but WE WERE FLIPPEN CELEBRATING WOMEN’S FLIPPEN DAY!” she added. 

The actress says she called for the manager, but he was not “helpful at all”. 

Another manager was called but he too allegedly dismissed her complaint. 

“[He] comes to tell us to please stand aside as Mrs South Africa is coming. Dude I’ve just been assaulted by your staff and you tell me to step aside to so you can cater to more important people. So a pregnant woman has just been assault by your staff Altitude, and it’s business as usual.”

Neo says the cops arrived “millions of hours later” and took her statement.

She has opened a case of assault at the Brooklyn Police Station.

The establishment is singing a different tune and says it has CCTV footage which will prove otherwise.

“The three of them attacked him [the bouncer] and slapped him in his face and we have got CCTV showing that nothing happened with this lady," a man who identified himself as the general manager told TshisaLIVE. 

Neo denies she attacked the bouncer. 

“So now according to Times Live, Altitude claims I attacked the guy as per their footage! So, I attacked a 6-foot man? Yaz, I didn’t have the energy to take this all the way up! But thanks Altitude, bring it you’ve given me energy enough. Your lies are appalling! She also refuted a statement released by Altitude on Facebook claiming officials had tried to contact her,” she wrote on Facebook.

The actress shared a screenshot of a statement Altitude released in the comments of her original Facebook post. 

She denied the restaurant’s claims that officials tried to contact her after the incident with no success.

The bouncer has allegedly been suspended pending an internal investigation. Police are also probing the incident.

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