Is Nicki Minaj a Nazi in disguise?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Nicki Minaj  | Drama

The first thing I got from this song is that neither Drake nor Lil Wayne hooked up with Nicki – for some reason they make it really, really, really clear in the song (seriously, they repeat it like a million times). The second thing is that there seems to be some weird Nazi reference in the entire video.

Nicki Minaj released the lyric video for “Only” 3 days ago, and, as expected, the video already has over a million views.

It seems like the rapper’s thought process behind this video was, “hmm, what can I do to cause more of a stir than my Anaconda video?” And she hit the nail right on the head. Few things are as controversial as a video that makes you look like Hitler’s bestie, and many fans pointed out that this video might just do that.

In the black and white animated video, the characters – meant to portray Minaj, Wayne, Drake and Chris Brown – are seen wearing bands around their arms which look a lot like swastikas. There are also banners in the background which seem to closely resemble the Nazi flag.

Minaj has received a backlash from fans who quickly pointed Nazi undertones in the video, saying that the star seems to be glorifying Nazism.

Well, if the plan was to get people talking, then it worked. I guess there’s only so much twerking a girl can do before she has to try something new.