Nomuzi faces backlash

The rapper is being dragged for the stunt she pulled.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Nomuzi "Moozlie" Mabena  | Drama

On Thursday night, Twitter came to a standstill when a panicked Rouge tweeted a video of Nomuzi Mabena getting into an 'accident' while driving and using her phone.

As soon as Rogue tweeted the video, many fans & celebrities were scared of the possibility that Nomuzi could have been seriously injured or even worse, dead. A day after the tweet was sent, Nomuzi came back to confirm that the video was staged as part of a campaign between herself, Volkswagen and Drive Dry.

Even though the message of the video was supposed to be positive, many fans chose to ignore it because of how 'insensitive' it was and a couple of hours later, Nomuzi is still facing backlash from fans.

Take a look at some of the comments below:

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Main image credit: Instagram/@nomoozlie