Nomzamo Mbatha speaks out

Nomzamo Mbatha sets the record straight 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Nomzamo Mbatha  | Drama

Nomzamo Mbatha fears for her

Actress Nomzamo is finally setting the record straight. The 26 year old beauty has been involved in an ongoing scandal with a Mpumalanga family that claims to be hers .

The matriarch of the family claims that the actress is her biological daughter.

Speaking to Drumthe woman's son who has allegedly threatened to harm Nomzam

o said, "Nomzamo is denying her family and I am upset about it, if she decides to open a police case about what's happening, it would be a pleasure because then we'll finally get to see & speak to her and find out why she is declining to meet us."

According to Drum magazine, the woman claims that she gave birth to Nomzamo in 1986 before she was taken away by her father after the pair separated, but Nomzamo insists that the woman is mistaken because she was born in 1990 & not 1986.

Nomzamo Mbatha Durban July 2016

Nomzamo then went on to say, "I remember being with my mother and father in their bedroom, I was not stolen. The woman says I was born in 1986 but I was born in 1990, that's why I say she is mistaken and they must leave me alone." 

The stunning actress is certain about who her real mother is, she will not do a DNA test because she has never doubted her roots.

What do you guys think, should she do a DNA test to put an end to this or should she just continue ignoring her alleged biological mother?

Image credit: Instagram/nomzamo