EFF Relief Fund Comes Through For Ntando Duma

Sbwl that bank notification!

By  | May 04, 2020, 05:00 PM  | Ntando Duma  | Drama

Ntando Duma is one of the first few artists who have received the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) promise of a financial boost during the national lockdown.

Those in the performing arts have expressed that during the COVID-19, their pockets have been hit the most with the loss of gigs and production halts, the bag has not been secured as much.

EFF leader Julius Malema during his Freedom Day speech last week he announced that the party will financially support all artists who had been associated with it since the beginning.

“We are aware the crisis brought by Covid-19 will affect artists and entertainers the most as the majority of these people depend on festivals and events to make a living. Because of the necessity for social distancing, it is clear we will not see concerts, parties, weddings, festivals, and other gatherings through which they make a living.”

“All musicians and entertainers who have ever been on our stage or event will get financial support to help ease the economic burden caused by Covid-19,” said Juju during his address.

On Friday, known EFF supporter Ntando Duma took to Twitter to share that she woke up to bank notification referenced as "EFF Relief Fund".

The TV personality is not the only person who had a great weekend thanks to that payment notification. Rapper Fifi Cooper also received "the best notification" as well, she shared the news by retweeting, Ntando's tweet.

Image credit: Instagram @dumantando

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