Err... No pictures with Ntando Duma while she's eating

Ntando Duma pleads for you to stop taking pictures of her especially when enjoying her food.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Ntando Duma  | Drama

Ntando Duma

Which really is a valid plea considering how annoying it can be for someone to disturb you whilst eating your favourite dish.

Ntando Duma just wants one thing: For fans to stop disrespecting her. The actress and TV presenter has recorded a video addressing fans who always want to take pictures with her while she's eating in a restaurant. 

"Some of us shouldn't eat in peace while we're in restaurants? It's either they will stare at you, or they will disrespect you and ask to take a picture while you're eating," she said in the video, which was recorded in isiZulu. 

"So you must stop eating your food and get up to take a picture? Guys, respect us. We are also people who get hungry, we eat," she continued. 

She asked if those fans would like it if people came to their houses and asked to take pictures while they're eating. 

She told fans not to disrespect her and not to dare come and ask to take pictures with her while she's eating

"Sorry to tell you If you see me eating in a restaurant don't come to me, wait for me to finish [eating] and then you can come."  

Shame, poor fans. We guess they sometimes get too excited when they see their favourite celebrities and can't wait to get a snap. 

Well, you heard Ntando now, don't you dare disrespect her like that, especially while she's eating! 


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Duma_Ntando