Did Ntando Duma just expose her cousin?

Haven't these ZAlebs learned to chill (and think) before they tweet? 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Ntando Duma  | Drama

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Duma Ntando

Have you ever had that moment on the TL where everyone is throwing shade but they're not mentioning anyone and you're like "who are they talking about?", "what did I miss?", "somebody say something!"

Mr krabs meme

Well that was us a few minutes ago until we tracked down the tweets in question and it turns out that the Twitter streets we dragging Ntando Duma. 

Ntando Duma tweets
Ntando Duma tweets

Err...this is totes hectic!

And thank goodness we weren't the only ones that were curious...

And speaking of shade...

And Omuhle wasn't the only one to weigh in.

And all this coming from a girl who is constantly telling other kids to mind their own business.

No, seriously, she's always doing this.

All. The. Time.

Main image credit: twitter.com/dumantando20

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