Ntsiki and Dineo's "friendly" Twar

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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Aaah yes! It’s been a while since we’ve enjoyed a good Twar on Twitter, especially if it’s between our entertainment personalities. Yes, there’s been one or two over the past couple of weeks, but none that really caught our attention like Monday morning’s Twar between reality TV star Dineo Ranaka and singer Ntsiki Mazwai.

The Twar between the two ladies began when Ntsiki, who has always voiced her opinion against African women wearing weaves, disagreed with a weave statement made by Dineo Ranaka. At first glance, we were indifferent about the tweet until Ntsiki ended off with the line  “…..take your meds”.

Dineo Ranaka obviously didn’t take that tweet lying down and kindly requested that Ntsiki leave her alone and go take a bath. We’re sure Ntsiki has become immune to the ‘take a bath diss’ - people need to come up with new material. 

Ok, we don’t know about you, but the baby daddy response did sting a bit. However, after a few minutes, we kind of came to the realisation that these two weren’t actually really in a feud with each other but were actually providing some much-needed entertainment on Twitter on Monday morning. 


Although this might've potentially been a "friendly" Twar between the two ladies, some Twitter spectators didn't take things lightly and sent a few Twitter shots at Ntsiki... as always.

If this was a publicity stunt from both ladies to get us talking and making them trend this morning, it worked! Thanks for the entertainment ladies. Now can we all just get along? 

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