Ntsiki "Dragging People's Family Members Is Sick"

Some things are just off limit

By  | Aug 09, 2020, 08:00 AM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

The twitter streets are known to be savage and everyone is ready to tweet a stinging clapback when needed.

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On Friday, Black Coffee clearly woke up ready to attend to anyone who came at him funny on the timeline and who can blame him the DJ has been receiving some serious heat lately on the timeline.

Black Coffee in a tweet addressed the streets and simply asked who would be trending, falling, who is being trolled and whose marriage is the twitter streets having an opinion on today.

One tweep responded to Black Coffee's tweet and whilst they started off good they took a u-turn and went completely south by involving the DJ's ex-wife and of course he clapped back.

"Laugh at what exactly? looking at your account, would you laugh when people make jokes about your kid being albino," tweeted the DJ.
Black Coffee Twitter

His response was met with mixed reactions with many saying the tweep should have minded her business and some calling out Black Coffee saying he went too far.

Artist Ntsiki Mazwai also weighed in on the matter and she is also known to tweet exactly what is on her mind, let know there are no go areas when clapping back.

"Guys Its fine to stand up for yourself and clap back...... But dragging people's family members is sick," tweeted Ntsiki.

Black Coffee has found himself once again trending on Twitter and with everyone weighing in on whether he was right or wrong to clapback so hard.

Does Ntsiki have a point?

Image credit: @NtsikiMazwai/Twitter 
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