Ntsiki Mazwai Comes For Nota

From friends to straight out enemies on social media

By  | Oct 23, 2022, 09:39 AM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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Ntsiki Mazwai, poet, musician but overall controversial Twitter account is only one of a few female blue app personalities to join the elite group of problematic Twitter accounts. She is part of the elite divisive and “problematic” group, depending on who you are asking, including Chris Excel, Musa Khawula and Nhlamula “Nota” Baloyi.

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While Mazwai had distanced herself from a Twitter account like Chris Excel. She has been more on the fence with an account like Musa Khawula, and for some time seemed to support Nota’s erratic and trend-seeking behaviour on Twitter. But it seems like other platforms like Podcast and Chill she eventually began to distance herself from Nota, and has now joined the many voices suggesting that Nota might be in need of some mental health intervention. 

Ntsiki blocks Nota
Two weeks ago, we were let into the breakdown in Ntsiki Mazwai and Nota’s “friendship” when it was confirmed that Mazwai had decided to block him from her social media accounts. The article explained in part: 
“...Mazwai has not only distanced herself and her brand from its association with him. But she has also blocked Nota on social media.
Nota in a video has since suggested that Mazwai blocked him because she could not handle the truth. Comparing himself to Mazwai, Nota indicated that he is able to receive constructive criticism from social media while Mazwai would rather block naysayers on her timeline.

Mazwai on the other hand, when asked what happened to change the nature of her relationship with Nota, would not go into detail. But she did make it clear that she does not want to give him “airtime.” Moreover, she reiterated her stance that she believes that Nota has mental issues that he has not dealt with.”
Ntsiki Mazwai comes for Nota
While Mamiya might have not had time to speak about the breakdown in her relationship with Nota. It seems she has no problem using his name during a quiet day on social media to “create conversation.” This follows after Nota made headlines for allegedly following a female JMPD officer to her residency in order to take her to task for allegedly absconding her duties during loadshedding, leaving the responsibility of managing traffic to the homeless. 
Mazwai finally joined the many voices suggesting that Nota is really in need of mental health, rather than constant suggestions of him being “the South African Kanye West.” This is as everytime he seeks to trend his target is usually women, specifically his wife, Berita, or Mihlali Ndamase and when all fails recently, seemingly female JMPD officers.

Moreover, Mazwai finally joined the bandwagon of naysayers when Nota continues to suggest that he made Kwesta. A statement which is polarising as many, like Mazwai now reiterates, if it was so easy, “Why can he not do it again?”
Nota upon finding the tweets by Mazwai addressed his stance on his former supporter and “friend” by asserting that the two might just be two sides of the same coin. This is as he suggested that Mazwai is just an “attention seeker,” a poet but definitely not an activist

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