Ntsiki To Sizwe Dhlomo: "Why Are You Fighting The Little Kids?"

She lambastes Sizwe for 'bullying' AKA

By  | May 24, 2020, 01:13 PM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

Musician Ntsiki Mazwai has added her two-cents to the twar between AKA and Sizwe Dhlomo that shook Twitter.

AKA gave his long-awaited response to Sizwe's continuous provocation and it escalated to lawyers getting involved.

Supa Mega has since apologised to Sizwe and it seems as though the situation has died down.

Taking to her YouTube channel, 'Conversations With Ntsiki Mazwai', she lambasted the media personality for bullying youngsters such as AKA instead of looking to be a bigger brother.

Before she gave her unsolicited opinion, MaMiya started off by saying how she has been bullied for many years on social media and nobody has bothered to stand up for her. Because of that, she says she owes nobody her loyalty when it comes to that space.

Ntsiki acknowledges that she has been on the receiving end of Sizwe Dhlomo's bullying on social media. Also a little bit of AKA's bullying as well.

She says the whole situation exposed the men involved as childish and pathetic to be acting as though they are in creche.

"Now the glaring question is; Sizwe why are you fighting the little kids? Why are you bullying the little kids?" she asked rhetorically.

Ntsiki mentions how Sizwe also continuously provokes AKA without retaliation from AKA. He even went as far as commenting on AKA's relationships and his mother.

The poet and bead-work artist believes there is a deeper reason to Sizwe's bullying. She suspects that Sizwe wanted to be in the rap business however he never cut it and now he is so invested in AKA's affairs.

"If I go into Sizwe Dhlomo's archives, I'm going to find out that he wanted to be a rapper...He's too overly involved in how AKA does his thing," she said

The poet suggests that Sizwe should talk to AKA as an older brother and help him with the problem that he is facing (she alleges that it has to do with drugs), and not bring them to Twitter.

To add to the whole debacle, she says that Riky Rick was absolutely spot-on when he defended AKA. After the whole apology, he lost credibility. "Riky Rick you were right, so I don't know why you became a b**ch a** and apologised," she commented.

Watch the full conversation below:

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