#NyanNyan: A 21 year old who wants a baby from his cheating girlfriend

Skhumbuzo and Busisiwe try to figure things out in their relationship, but the situation seems bleak.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama

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There are some people who really have it hard when it comes to relationships. We realize this, even more, when it comes to all Nyan'Nyan episodes.

This week's situation was one hard pill to swallow, especially for the guy in the relationship.

24-year-old Busisiwe invited her 21-year-old boyfriend Skhumbuzo on the show to reveal two secrets she's been keeping from him.

The couple, especially Skhumbuzo, wants to conceive a child with Busisiwe regardless of the fact that he is still studying and does not have a stable income to support both the mother and unborn child. 

Busisiwe is also unemployed, which got us wondering how they were both going to support the child when it finally arrives.

However, there was a bigger problem at hand in this situation. 

Busisiwe revealed to Skhumbuzo that in her previous relationship she miscarried due to certain stressful factors that led to the miscarriage and that she was afraid that she may no longer be able to conceive a child with Skhumbuzo due to her previous loss.

Skhumbuzo took the news very well and mentioned that he still loves Busisiwe regardless of her past. Just as we were about to applaud Skhumbuzo for being such an understanding man, Busisiwe pulled out the skeletons from her closet and revealed the second reason why she brought her man on the show. 

We immediately knew that this was not going to go down well, and we were right.

Busisiwe then admitted that she has since cheated on Skhumbuzo THREE TIMES.


Yes people, you read correctly, Skhumbuzo cheated on her man three times and her reasons for cheating were as long as this list....

...ok, we may be exaggerating a bit but her reasons for cheating seemed to be a lot.

The first reason she cheated was that she did not trust Skhumbuzo, her second reason was because she was pressured by her friends to cheat because they felt that he was too young and unemployed.

Really Busisiwe? You're going to blame your friends for your cheating ways?


Her third reason for cheating was because Skhumbuzo was always in Joburg studying and she felt alone. She cheated on him with a fellow colleague where she used to work.


Girl, you sure have been busy huh?

The couple eventually went to seek help from a psychiatrist and Skhumbuzo has decided to stay with Busisiwe.

To be honest, after the secrets were revealed we hardly think Skhumbuzo will be in this relationship for long.

What are your thoughts on this week's episode?