NyanNyan: Tukelo confesses that he's gay to his girlfriend of 4 years

They say truth hurts, and this one sure did come with an unbearable sting.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama


NyanNyan on Tuesday night introduced us to a young man by the name of Tukelo who has since revealed to his girlfriend and the entire nation that he lived a double life.

Tukelo felt that he could no longer live a lie and wanted to come clean to Charmaine - his girlfriend.

During his appearance on the show, Tukelo also revealed that he is currently with another man whilst dating Charmain which is something she did not take lightly.


Tukelo had mentioned that Charmain once found pictures of half-naked men on his phone but she did not think much of those pictures as Tukelo frequents the gym hence she assumed he just wanted to look like the guys on his phone.

However, even when Tukelo had told Charmaine the truth she did not accept it.


What took us by surprise was when she mentioned that he needed to go to a Men's Clinic to "fix" himself.


Men's Clinic? Fix himself?


Even Luyanda was shocked by her response.

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Tukelo was adamant in letting Charmain know that he will continue to see other men but Charmaine wasn't about to let go of him so easily. Yes ladies & gents, Charmaine still wants Tukelo regardless of him being gay.


Charmaine gave Tukelo strict instructions to leave the other man and continue the relationship with her. Him being gay clearly did not faze her.

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However, Tukelo was kind of able to make her understand that he was more attracted to men than women & pleaded for them to just remain friends but Charmain was still adamant of staying in the relationship as a girlfriend.

What a hectic episode this was.