Omuhle Gela and Lasizwe are beefing

Lasizwe snaps at Omuhle Gela after a 'messy' interview

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Omuhle Makaziwe Gela  | Drama

Lasizwe Dambuza and Omuhle Gela

Omuhle Gela recently did an interview on Touch HD with Lasizwe, and it seems the interview went sideways as the actress took to social media expressing her dissatisfaction.

Omuhle Gela and Lasizwe are not in good terms

Omuhle went on Twitter to rant about her 'messy' interview with Lasizwe, claiming that Lasizwe did not do his research.

“Next time I do a radio or any interview and the person didn’t do their research I’m walking out. Last night was a mess. A smiled cause I had to. These young kids don’t care to research” Omuhle tweeted

Lasizwe clapped back at her accusations saying that his listeners did not care about what she had done and that the actress was just being ‘boujee’ 

" time do some research urself.. my show isn't a talk show. My show is a fun and interactive show. My listeners don't care about what u have done, they care about a guests fun side n these kids...r coining it, Try stay relevant. Stop being Boujee" he snapped. 

Lasiwe Dambuza's twitter post

Omuhle Gela responded to the tweet saying:

"Then you shouldn’t have asked the questions if people don’t care"

Omuhle Gela

As usual, tweeps had their own opinions about what happened: 

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