Omuhle Gela: I faced a lot of rejection

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Omuhle Makaziwe Gela  | Drama

It takes a lot of hard work, commitment and patience to make it in any industry. Oh, and don't forget the countless sacrifices that come with making your dreams come true.

Omuhle Gela, who's pretty much on the right track when it comes to her career, has learned a lot of lessons along the way. She told Sunday World: "I have learnt that there is a difference between criticism and negativity, now I know which one I need to take to heart. It is not easy when you are portrayed in a certain way. I would like people to know there is more to Omuhle." 

The entertainment industry is a cut-throat business, and some people might even give up before reaching their goals. Omuhle's advice to upcoming people? She believes that you must never stop learning, researching, watching films and reading. 

She told the paper that patience is key. She explained: "Not getting a role does not mean you're not good, be patient. I faced a lot of rejection, which breaks you as a person because it is easy for you to doubt your capabilities having heard so many nos. However putting in an effort pays off in the end."