#OPW: A match made in church and a disgruntled ex-wife

Mr and Mrs Khumalo find love thanks to their church.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

OPW: a match made in church

Nozipho and Nkulu had never been intimate nor even dated each other before but thanks to their church the two were introduced to each other and had their perfect wedding.

Nozipho and Nkulu's relationship is one of a different kind. The couple who had never dated before let alone shared a kiss before their wedding, immediately made plans to get married after Nkulu informed his Ma'am bishop that he wanted to make Nozipho his wife.

Unfortunately, at first site, Nozipho didn't consider Nkulu as a potential hubby.

OPW: match made in church

Thankfully, Nkulu's love was strong enough to charm Nozipho all the way to the alter.

If there's one thing we've really starting to enjoy about OPW is the booming business opportunities that occur for the decor ladies and gentlemen who feature on the show.

The lady who did Nkulu and Nosipho's wedding decor really impressed the viewers with her black and white theme.

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#OPW: A match made in church

So much so that people on Twitter are starting to promote people's decor businesses on the social media platforms.

#OPW: a match made in church

The Dress

In the episode, Nozipho had mentioned that she wanted a wow factor when it came to her wedding dress. The dress sure did surprise us but not for the right reasons.

#OPW: A match made in church

Don't get us wrong the dress wasn't a disaster but there was just something about the feather touch on her breasts that distracted us from the entire ensemble. None the less it was an ok wedding dress for us.

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Bridesmaids and groomsmen

We were glad to see the bridesmaid's look as gorgeous as the bride with their pink dresses. The outfits were simple and elegant, thank goodness they were not rocking razor-cut hair styles either.

#OPW: A match made in church

The gents were also looking so proper with their suits, so much so that one of them felt the courage to hit on Jessica Nkosi. The groomsmen looked so handsome we're sure Jessica was charmed.

#OPW: A match made in church

Nkulu was already married?

The rain might've nearly ruined the wedding for us but one thing that nearly made us believe that this marriage was a farce is an article that was released by iLanga Newspaper that claimed that Nkulu is already married to a woman by the name of Nomphumelelo Zulu.

#OPW: A match made in church

The article describes how Nompumelelo was shocked to see her husband getting married on OPW without her knowledge as no divorce papers were signed by the time Nkulu married Nozipho. 

However, Nkulu is singing a different tune, speaking to the newspaper Nkulu explained that he and Nomphumelelo are divorced and that she spoke to the newspapers about this because of her jealousy.

Nomphumelelo has denied that she is jealous and cares little for Nkulu but is concerned about the way he treats their child whom she claims he ignores and doesn't support.


Well, at least the disturbing news of Nkulu and his former wife did not ruin his perfect wedding with Nozipho.

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