#OPW: Nomava the serious bride

Nomava Madikane was the serious bride who eventually broke down at her wedding.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

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Nomava the unimpressed bride

Mr and Mrs Madikane eventually celebrated their matrimony after some rather serious moments that nearly caused the wedding to not occur.

Usually, the last couple of days before a woman gets married are either the most stressful or exciting hours of her life. For Nomava Madikane, we’re sure it was an exciting couple of days filled with love and a bit of anxiety.

However, her excitement did not reflect on her face at all.  As beautiful as she is, Nomava has to be the most serious, straight-faced bride we’ve ever seen on #OPW.

At one point we were wondering if she really wanted to get married?

Nomava had little to no facial expression but thankfully deep inside we knew she was a happy woman, even though she didn't express her happiness when she was fitting her bridal gown or when she saw her husband in his suit for the first time.

Speaking about the husband, we must commend him for being so persistent with his wife. For your wife to reject your proposals a couple of times and still continue to ask her is a brave move for any man and his ego.

OPW: Nomava Madikane the serious bride

In the same breath, the husband also had a few dodgy things about him that had us like...


Firstly, we were taken aback when the groom mentioned that his children from a previous marriage would not be attending his wedding. 

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Errr, why?

Baby mama drama we guess. 

Then there was the groomsmen saga. The groom went from getting lost in his own town to losing his own groomsmen. How can you lose your own groomsmen? Couldn't you call them? Don't they have cellphones?

Then it all made sense, the groomsmen were all half his age, which also had us wondering why his older friends couldn't be his groomsmen? But anyway, that has nothing to do with us.

Then there was Nomava's dramatic howl. We had been waiting for that cry since the previous week and it never got old no matter how many times Mzansi magic replayed the promos.

Nomava's dramatic cry was bound to be a meme, as there was no way meme-nazis were going to let that face slide without getting the meme stamp of approval.

Shout out to the lady who also taught us a new English term! We appreciate you and your low tolerance for tardiness.

Aside from the drama, this was a cute wedding, except for the kiss that ruined things for a us even after the pastor begged for them to kiss properly. 

The tongue action was just painful... sigh.

This was a very entertaining and beautiful wedding which deserves a 7 out of 10.

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