Palesa Madisakwane apologizes for "irrelevant" Zola tweet

After commenting on her professional Twitter page, Palesa, has apologized.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Palesa Madisakwane  | Drama

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Actor, and ANN 7 Anchor, Palesa Madisakwana found herself in a bit of a social media tiff after commenting that Zola was irrelivant because he declined an interview with the news network.

This particular tweet caused an uproar with supporters of Zola, who found the tweet to be quite petty and found the "irrelivant" statement as untrue.


Palesa was reprimanded by a lot of people on Twitter

Including some of our actors as well.

Florence Masebe even added a bit of humour in the entire ordeal after a Twitter user asked to be her P.R manager.

However, Palesa went on to clarify that the tweet posted about Zola was not her personal one, but an account that is managed by her assistant who also manages her P.R

Palesa immediately apologized on Twitter and mentioned that she would reprimand her assistant for the tweet.

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But some people were not buying the P.R explanation.

Whilst Twitter was up in arms, Palesa's assistant again made an unnecessary tweet about the situation.


Twitter was still not moved by the assistant's tweet.

No slander against Zola shall prosper...amen!

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