Papa Penny Penny says SAMAs are full of apartheid

The SAMAs have upset a lot of artists this year.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Papa Penny  | Drama

Papa Penny Penny

Just a few months ago, Reason expressed disappointment after he claimed that the SAMAs had allegedly snubbed him when he tried to enter his album into the Best Rap Album category.

Then last month Mobi Dixon and Sands' fans were shocked to find out that the two musicians were disqualified from the SAMAs because a) Sands was not South African and b) Mobi Dixon was disqualified because the song he remixed was an international song, not local. 

After the SAMAs nomination announcement last month, Xitsonga, TshiVenda and IsiXhosa traditional artists allegedly expressed disappointment towards the awards as they felt excluded from the awards. It's alleged that the only category left to honour traditional artists is the Maskandi genre which awards isiZulu artists only.

Papa Penny Penny has also expressed his grief towards the SAMAs as he feels that the awards aren't diverse enough for other traditional acts.

Papa Penny Penny

Speaking to Sunday Sun, Papa Penny Penny said that he is no longer interested in being a part of the SAMAs.

"My genre, pop and disco are not in the categories, but I'm not interested in the SAMAs anymore. I don't know who runs it, but those are not for artists. We know that currently, music doesn't sell anymore and votes are not as public as they claim them to be. They already have their winners as we speak.".

The C.O.O of the SAMAs - Thobela Dlamini also spoke to Sunday Sun and felt that people are just trying to ruin the SAMAs brand, he then encouraged artists to submit their music and let their craft do the talking for them.

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