Papa vs Juju: The Beef We Didn't Expect

The politician has more to say

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

Now here's a beef that seemingly popped up out of nowhere but it's still hilarious!

Last week, we were confused to see South Africa's favourite reality star post a very unusual video. Papa Penny took to instagram after hearing that Julius Malema had ridiculed him at an EFF rally, unprovoked! Apparently, Juju said something along the lines of "If you don't vote for the EFF then you must be uneducated like Papa Penny". Bathong??

"Why you tell people that I am not educated? Because you went and fake your education and you adopted the western language, you think you're clever? You think all South Africans went to school? When I was born (there was) no school.... You don't know my history."  he said in a very stern manner that fans aren't familiar with. Julius was tagged on the video but clearly took it as a joke as he replied with a brief statement and laughing emojis.

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What we thought was a quick tiff has now been extended as EFF leader, Julius Malema has addressed the beef.

In an interview with JoziFM,  he shared that as the video went viral, he did try to DM Papa Penny to try to fix the situation. His mood has obviously changed as he did not go on this radio show to be nice. Instead, the politician called the pop star a "cry baby".

To clarify, Juju claimed that he had made the joke about Papa Penny in relation to rumors about a businessman having politicians in his pocket. "Papa Penny is deflecting. He is putting more emphasis on me saying 'this one who is not uneducated".

Election time has everyone a bit tense, though. Any amount of publicity is good publicity when you're vying for the most powerful office in the land, no? So it seems like we may not have heard the last of this.

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