The top Pearl Modiadie quotes on life, love and lessons learned

She may have lived through a lot of pain but she learned a lot from it too 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Pearl Modiadie  | Drama

The top Pearl Modiadie quotes on life, love and lessons learned

Much like her SABC 1 show, actress and presenter, Pearl Modiadie's Trending SA interviews remains one of the show's most talked about interviews, even though it aired days ago. 

Fans have bombarded the star's social media accounts with messages of support and thanks, namely for how she moved them during her interview, in which she spoke about her relationship, her engagement, her thoughts on love and the life lessons she has learned thus far. 

She dropped so many pearls of wisdom (pun intended), that we decided to compile a list of her most memorable quotes: 

On her relationship and why it ended: 

"You know what love feels like, when it stops feeling like it and that small voice is talking and it's time to listen"

On why she chose to let her followers know that her relationship was over: 

"I like having real human experiences, when I'm happy, I love sharing it. And when I'm not happy, you will know..."

On what kind of legacy she wishes to leave: 

"I think when I die, I want people to say that 'Pearl was a beautiful experience and we experienced her in her purest form'" 

On her approach to love: 

"I wear my heart on my sleeve... I always have pure intentions"

On building her dad a home and giving back to her family: 

"I wake up for stuff like that, I wake up to fulfil my life and I want to make my family proud and to make them happy. I think my purpose is just to give that girl hope, ukhuti, lona ubuya emkhukhuini, imvula maina, amanzi bewangena, mele sifake ama bucket, [to say that, this girl comes from living in a shack, when it rained, rain would get into the shack and we had to catch it with buckets] you know, and all I had was a dream, all I wanted was to make it a reality and when I did, all I wanted was to go back to my family and say 'thank you'"

On what lessons she wants people to learn:

"Own your story, it is nothing to be ashamed of, wear your scars with pride, celebrate your victories and live. The little voice inside is there for a reason, learn to listen to it and you'll be okay"

Wow! She has a real future in motivational speaking. Watch the full interview here: 

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