Pearl Dragged For "Stolen" Tweet

Udliwa Yini Pearl?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

Pearl Thusi probably had good intentions when she took to social media at the beginning of this week in a quest to have her followers open up to her. Let's face it, life as a South African is difficult right now. From the Alex Shut Down to the to the alarming rate of violence against women, to the taxi prices that are due to rise in June, living in Mzansi is pretty much an extreme sport.

As such, many of us have a lot to get off our chest and Pearl Thusi decided to offer us the opportunity to do just that when she tweeted this:

For the non-Zulu speakers, this literally translates to "What's eating you?" and for some, it was an opportunity to vent out some of life's most difficult challenges. Pearl's intentions were definitely in the right place but there was one big problem with what she tweeted.

Many of us had seen this tweet before, just in different clothing. More specifically, in a different language. Does this look familiar?

Many people felt as if Pearl Thusi was unfairly hopping onto the "O Jewa Ke Eng" bandwagon and they wasted no time in pointing out the lack of originality in her own tweet. Tweeps suggested that, at the very least, she could have acknowledged the original tweet before putting her own spin on it (for instance, we have seen multiple "editions" of "O Jewa Ke Eng"

Unfortunately, it appears as if Pearl isn't too happy about people accusing her of jacking the tweet and she is now on a blocking rampage.

It's also worth noting that many have pointed out that "Udliwa Yini" is a very common phrase in isiZulu. Just because "O Jewa Ke Eng" has gone viral, does this mean we're no longer allowed to use the phrase (especially in another language) on the timeline?

Do you think that Pearl Thusi should have credited @akreana_ (the author of the original "O Jewa Ke Eng" or was her tweet okay?

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/PearlThusi