Pearl Thusi Calls Out The Government For Their Lack Of Deliverance

“Direct you anger towards the govt that made promises TO YOU!”

By  | Jun 10, 2020, 10:15 AM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

Pearl Thusi has had enough with the public’s misinterpretation of her words and has called out a local publication for their impartial angle on her xenophobia comments. In a Twitter rampage shared today, 9 June 2020, Pearl retweeted an article which claimed that the public was coming for her, after she spoke from a “place of privilege.” The article targeted Pearl’s lifestyle based in the high-end Johannesburg suburb, Sandton, and questioned her opinion on the dense subject matter.
The internationally-acclaimed actress went on to question her followers on their opinions on the current economic state of South Africa. She stated, “Have we made our govt accountable for so many KEY issues... looted govt funds, land issue, corruption the list goes on…? No. That’s where your hashtags must be heard. Not fellow citizens. Direct you anger towards the govt that made promises TO YOU! And while there is a disproportionate economic standing between indigenous ppl of South Africa and those with colonial ancestry- why have you made another black man your enemy when it’s your government that has let you down?”.
Pearl concluded with her final sentiment which explained that killing of any kind is, and will always be not okay. “This isn’t supposed to be a debate.”
Picture credit: Instagram