Pearl Thusi Sparks Another Debate

Pearl Takes To Twitter To Talk About Being Light Skinned

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

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The BET Behind The Story host pulled out her legendary twitter fingers last night and spoke vulnerably about her difficulties with being a light-skinned black woman. Pearl Thusi  opened up to fans about her view on Colourism.

Colourism is discrimination based on skin color - also known as colorism or shadeism - is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which people are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin color. Research proves that lighter skin Black women around the world are privy to more opportunities and better treatment in society as a whole thanks to their fair skin.

The presenter went on to say that her entire life has always been about her skin colour and admitted that being called 'exotic' hurt to the core. Thusi's eagerness to share her side of the coin when it comes to being successful as a light-skinned woman was sprouted by another Twitter user's indirect tweet stating that if  Sho Madjozi was a dark skinned Tsonga girl, she may have not been as successful. This is a fair statement given the obvious existence of Colourism in global and local entertainment.

It was at this intersection, that Pearl felt the need to speak out:

The reactions to her emotional outburst were mixed as this is not the first time Pearl Thusi has been the center of a debate on Colourism. Throughout the years, she has shared similar statements. Although many acknowledge and sympathize with the childhood trauma she experienced - Pearl has yet to separate that from the benefits of light skin in adulthood.

Just like when she was accused of blackface in a photoshoot, many people more educated on the topic took to twitter and have tried to educate her as well as her fans on the greater effects of Colourism but it seemlingly hasn't changed Pearl's position.

Ironically enough, Sho Madjozi, who was also mentioned in the tweet that triggered Pearl, has a completely different take than Mama Panther. The BET Award winner acknowledges and agrees that Colourism is in fact a factor in her success.

Its true, no plight is better than others. The Colourism discussion has many sides to it and has been talked about enough that we should all be able to speak from an educated point of view rather than limiting our opinions to our own limited experiences. We hope the discussion has been an opportunity to open people's eyes to the varying perspectives on the issue.

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