"I Don't Have Money To Waste!" - Penny Lebyane

The radio presenter denies paying DJ Fresh any money

By  | Jan 31, 2023, 06:24 PM  | Penny Lebyane  | Drama

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Penny Lebyane has set the record straight on Twitter following reports that she and Ntsiki Mazwai were ordered to pay DJ Fresh following the publicised defamation case against them. Zimoja reports that the poet and activist was ordered to pay R200 000 in legal fees DJ Fresh,. where as Penny Lebyane apparently paid R80 000, to which she flatly denied doing so.

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DJ Fresh was a guest host on Podcast And Chill with MacG where he revealed the reason why he sued Ntsiki Mazwai. He said it was her 'irresponsible' act of tweeting about him and apparently labelling him as an abuser and a rapist.

Ntsiki however denied that and said she only published a list which was already on the internet, so she only got sued for doing that, and nothing else.

Penny on the other hand said in now-deleted tweets, “Imagine being a girl who’s not famous trying to out your famous rapist abuser, ex-emotional abuser boyfriend, or even talk about your experience. Besides the worry that no one will believe you, we now know that no one wants to hear it, and he’ll vehemently deny it. Until you're dead. If you were 17 years old when it happened now, you are a professional career woman, probably married with children or with another man who doesn’t want to hear it, or colleagues, or friends who cringe about it. Let go they all say cos you're the unstable one…So don’t expect victims to say.”

This caused DJ Fresh to also gun for her in his court battle. Penny, this morning, took to Twitter to say she has not paid DJ Fresh a cent and will not waste her money. She also said she was not referring to any DJ in particular when she said those tweets and that she dated a lot of DJs in the past.

"I didn’t pay anyone anything. Not a cent. I don’t have money to waste. 1st l was not a responded in case. I filed to ask the court why my trading name Penny Lebyane is in paragraph 15 of an affidavit, which the response was it was a Mistake but l must pay for asking. I refused.

"But that won’t be mentioned because it’s nothing to gloat about. I will stand in my truth as l always have. I just wish he would “Keep My Name Out Of His Mouth” and stop policing my Lived Experience and centering himself. I have had so many DJ Boyfriends honestly l have," she said in the tweets.
Ntsiki Mazwai also took to Twitter to clarify that she is not a liar and that she did not lie.

"What I know for a fact is that I'm not a liar.......I know I expose uncomfortable truths....but a liar???? Lol I cant even lie with make up and false illusions of beauty...so to expect to me have lied about such a big thing is really very fascinating for me. Is it denial?

"For the record...I have never been sued for a lie. I have been sued for publishing a list that was already online....which is what makes my case so damn interesting. That I got sued for what YOU were saying. Lol."

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