Penny Lebyane drags Arthur Mafokate

The "poster boy for sexual grooming"?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Penny Lebyane  | Drama

The backlash to Lifetime’s six-part American series, Surviving R. Kelly has been felt all around the world - and South Africa has been no exception. But Penny Lebyane is tired of seeing South Africans’ anger towards an American singer, while seemingly letting our own stars off the hook.

R. Kelly was accused of sexual assault and sexual grooming by a number of women during the eye-opening documentary. Many of the victims were under the legal age of consent at the time that the singer tried to engage them in sexual acts.

Bringing it back to Mzansi, Penny Lebyane shared a video days after the series was available for viewing online. In her clip, she brought forward one name that South Africans really need to be talking about more often in this discussion: Arthur Mafokate.

Lebyane accused Mafokate of sexual grooming, before suggesting that those who enjoy the kwaito legend’s music are behind the mass cover up. In her exposing video, Lebyane also dubbed Arthur the “Poster Boy” of sexual grooming.

She said in her rant: “We can call Arthur, he can take us through what happened, that’s all good and well. But for me, Arthur is like a big bus or a poster that we constantly look at, meanwhile behind the bus and behind the poster there’s a politician, a station manager, a programs manager, a woman producer, an agent, a spokesperson… somebody, who is an enabler in the big cult, whatever thing you want to call this thing where women and young men are exploited sexually for favours on sets, in newsrooms, in radio stations, in marketing departments.”

Watch the video below to get a full picture of every point Penny made:

Arthur has famously dated much younger women in his years in the limelight, several of whom have worked for or under his record label. He famously dated Queen Iyaya (now Queen Sesoko) while she was still a member of Abashante before moving on to Chomee for years after that. In the last few years, the music mogul was seen to be dating singer, Cici. That final relationship ended on very sour terms when she revealed that he had physically abused her before pressing charges.

There has never been a lot of noise about Arthur’s decision to date younger women, but Penny is on a mission to expose the musician for what she believes is sexual grooming.

Mafokate has yet to respond to these latest allegations and whether or not you believe the former Metro FM radio presenter, one this is for sure: South African celebrities are no longer content with silently observing abuse.

Could this be the beginning of Mzansi’s own significant #MeToo movement?

Main image credit: Instagram/@pennylebyane