Penny Lebyane Questions Zinhle & Enhle's Discussion

Flo Letoaba thinks that Enhle was fake

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Penny Lebyane  | Drama

It seems as though radio and TV personality Penny Lebyane is not in agreement with Enhle Mbali's vodcast show... or at least the first episode.

Enhle and Dj Zinhle recently revealed their innermost thoughts and the pain of being cheated on. While the public weighed in and scrutinized everything; from body language to every word and expression, someone else who had something to say is broadcaster and businesswoman Flo Letoaba.

In a Twitter post she gave her analysis, claiming that Enhle was hoping that Zinhle would validate her.

She wrote: "I got so curious I watched the whole thing. Zinhle is too smart for what Mbali was attempting to do. Of all interviews this one made me respect her. Mbali was looking for someone to validate her and almost say 'it’s okay to be a clown because I’m one too', but Zinhle caught it quickly."

Flo continued by saying that Enhle appeared fake, whereas Zinhle was real.
"Also, too much pseudo deep “I’ve found myself” from Mbali, Zinhle was more real, now she’s truly at peace with herself."

As the conversation unfolded, Penny Lebyane also weighed in, asking where the older wives who are married to DJs were, because they could teach the young wives a thing or two.

"Why is these thing a discussion mara heee on tape? Eish were are the older dj wives to teach the young ones how to be a dj wife? But keh each to their own..." Penny wrote.

While one Twitter user asked the Kukuthi La host if there were "specific skills"  that one needed in order to be a Dj's wife. Another asked why didn't Penny's relationship with DJ Fresh last if she had the skills. OUCH!

In response, Penny made it clear that she was no side chick material.

So it's obvious that Penny has some insight on the necessary "skills" that one must possess in order to become a DJ's wife. We hope that some day she will share more tips.

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