No Sympathy From Penny Lebyane

She weighs in on Phat Joe's suspension

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Penny Lebyane  | Drama

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Penny Lebyane, among other thing, is one of SA's top and most respected radio DJ best known as a DJ for Metro FM. She has been behind the mic for almost 2 decades now, making her as iconic a voice on the airwaves as the likes of DJ Fresh and Phat Joe.

Speaking of Phat Joe... The veteran radio host was officially unscheduled until further notice from the Radio2000 schedule. This comes after his comments on the #ZodwaCancelled situation were also seen as equally homophobic and transphobic as the dancer's initial trending comments.

Since the topic is still a hot one on the timelines, there are still more opinions coming in on the matter. Taking to Twitter, Penny Lebyane also decided to add her 2 cents to the debate.

Penny believes that Phat Joe got exactly what was coming to him for making homophobic comments live on air. She explained to her followers that radio personalities also have a code of ethics and Phat Joe definitely violated it. As such, just like with any job, he should be punished accordingly. "There are guidelines and (they) are clear. It’s deliberate to not adhere." she went on.

Obviously, Penny's tweets attracted a wide range of responses including those in defense of Phat Joe's "free speech" But the legend didn't back down. Penny also pointed out that it is 2019 and certain things cannot or should not fly anymore. She reminded listeners that radio is still a work place and as such, you need to be respectful and aware that there are still consequences to your actions.

Penny also took the opportunity to remind people that you can't just be radical for no reason. Given that radio hosts are communicating with a majority of the population, they also need to consider their public service mandate. Their job comes with the responsibility to keep your ethics at the expected standard, you can't abandon them just because you're in a bad mood. 

We're glad to hear that Penny is still standing up for the radio community to be held accountable - even her colleagues like Phat Joe. 
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