Pretty Privilege: Does Beauty Count More Than Talent?

These stars have been accused of having pretty girl privilege.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

There is no denying that being beautiful has its perks, but can being pretty lead to greater success?

The entertainment industry is known for its vanity. Stars, young and old, spend thousands to look their best.

With all the effort being put into looking "more attractive", it's still debatable how far being pretty can get you in the industry; without the skills to back you up.

Several of Mzansi’s A-list stars have been accused of having more beauty than talent. But the criticism hasn’t stopped them from working hard to achieve their dreams and defy their haters in the process. 

Sho Madjozi 

Sho Madjozi’s fast rise to the top has led some to question whether being a beautiful, light-skinned woman helped her along the way.

The Limpopo Champions League hitmaker has won several awards and performed on the same stage as artists such as Beyoncé and Cardi B. Despite what her critics say, Sho Madjozi has proven she has the looks and the talent to match. 

Actress Omuhle Gela said it best when she came to Sho Madjozi’s defence on Twitter. 

“Why can’t we accept that pretty women can be talented. It’s possible. She’s talented and that’s that,” she wrote.
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Linda Mtoba 

Actress Linda Mtoba has also had to defend herself against haters who feel being pretty helped her to succeed. She addressed whether "pretty privilege" helped her further her career during an interview on Metro FM’s breakfast show. 

“Well, I’d say it’s mostly in everyday experiences like maybe in the line or waiting for something. But I feel like everything else, career-wise, I’d like to think that it’s my hard work,” Linda said.
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Minnie Dlamini

Sports broadcasting has come under fire for bridging the gender gap in the male-dominated industry by hiring beautiful women who will appeal to their male audience. 

There was a mini outcry when Minnie Dlamini was named co-host of the SABC’s sports show, Soccerzone, in 2013. But the TV presenter didn’t just take the job so she could look cute on camera; she has emphasizes that she loves sports.

“Sport was always something that was captivating. I was house captain and played tennis at school, so I had a lot more background in the sports industry than I did in music and lifestyle,” she told People magazine in 2017. 

Minnie has more than proven that she has what it takes to succeed in sports broadcasting.
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Ayanda Thabethe

Model-turned-TV presenter Ayanda Thabethe has faced criticism about her beauty from her own peers.

Denise Zimba caused a stir in 2017 when she labelled Ayanda talentless.  “Ayanda is gorgeous… I do not think she is talented. I do not think she has it,” she said on Vuzu AMP’s The V-Table

Despite being described as a hater, Denise refused to back down.

“She is f**king beautiful but still can't present," she told Pearl Thusi on Behind the Story last year.

Regardless of what Denise thinks, Ayanda stays booked and busy!
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Nomzamo Mbatha 

Nomzamo Mbatha is an actress and a philanthropist who has worked both locally and abroad but no matter what she does, someone has to remind her about her allegedly “pretty privilege”. The 29-year-old was even accused of being a “fake activist” when she graced the cover of Cosmopolitan SA’s activism issue in 2018.

One Twitter user even accused Nomzamo of getting paid to attend charity events.

“I do not get paid to advocate and show up for the causes I believe in. If you’re looking for a pretty face in the public eye that stands for nothing, I’m not the one,” she tweeted.
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