Did Prince Kaybee Just Throw Shade At Euphonik?

"You watch a few YouTube videos you wanna sound intelligent"- Prince Kaybee

By  | May 28, 2020, 07:34 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

Multi-award winning SA musician and producer Prince Kaybee, has slammed SA celebs who always want to sound intelligent after watching Youtube videos. The DJ took to Twitter to say that some of our celebrities are falling for the trap all the time, "the urge to sound wise”.

Prince Kaybee
said the problem starts with them consuming some YouTube content, and after they want to sound intelligent. The DJ poked fun at them and said they must carry on, but they will meet their maker.

Although he did not name and shame, but fans are suspecting that he was referring to Euphonik. This follows after they recently exchanged tweets with Euphonik, after Prince Kaybee said DJs must stop doing live sets for free.

When a fan asked him if his perception came from watching YouTube videos, the DJ disagreed and said he is quite a thinker.

Image credit: Fakaza News
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