Prince Kaybee Urges People To Not Buy Alcohol

He says save your money and buy his music.

By  | Jun 03, 2020, 07:24 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

Mzansi showed their excitement over the re-opening of liquor shops when they flocked to the shops in the early AM's to purchase their booze.

Whilst many laughed it off and commended how people were loyal to their alcohol, some slammed the frenzy including Prince Kaybee, who encouraged his fans to not buy alcohol but rather save the money to purchase their music.

People who did not agree with his statement came for him and dragged the producer for making such a statement, mocking his music by saying they would save money by not purchasing his music.

Replying to the disrespect, Prince rectified his statement by saying he urges those who cannot afford alcohol to not buy it.

"Not trying to sound smart at all, Just my thoughts during the most challenging time in the history of mankind, we better off saving. But if you don’t understand, keep it moving," he said.

He also added how unbanning alcohol poses a heavy threat to the health system which won't benefit from the repercussions of reckless drinking.

"Unbanning alcohol is good for the economy but at the same time it increases chance of infections and alcohol related accidents which means hospitals can get full. Did we think about how this affects black communities who couldn't access medical care even before pandemic?" he proclaimed.

The Uwrongo hitmaker said he is stating these facts to protect his people who consume his music.

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