Proverb on love: I’ve had my fair share of failures

Proverb's shot at love is focused on friendship and support.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | ProVerb  | Drama


Proverb's relationship with former Miss South Africa - Liesl Laurie has become one of the most adored celebrity relationships in entertainment.

The rapper is known for always praising his woman on social media and in interviews and with this being Proverb's second chance at finding the right one, he says that he felt that he had his fair share in failed love.

In a recent interview with Trending SA, Proverb expressed his love for his girlfriend saying that their aim in this relationship is to focus on supporting each other as a couple.

“When I’m with my girlfriend, I am her supporter, her confidant, I’m her friend and that's the focus.” 

Proverb went on to add that in as much as we might see him being boyfriend goals, he is still trying to figure it out as a boyfriend who has had his ‘fair share of failures.’

"I haven't got it figured out, at all, I don't think any man does, and obviously I’ve had my fair share of failures as well, so I think what you can do is to just be your best really."

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