Pastor Pushie Watson shares her own experience of being abused

Pastor Pushie Watson has come a long way since her media heydays. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Pushie Watson  | Drama

Pushie Watson

As a respected and influential minister, Pushie Watson has preached to thousands of people since embarking on her journey as a pastor.

Many women who have had the opportunity to attend her sermons have expressed how much her messages have saved their lives.

In an interview with the Great Escape on MetroFM Pushie talked about the power of ministry and how her passion for ministering has saved many people from committing suicide.

"I'm a very passionate person, what I like, I really like and what I do I really do and I make sure I give my all to what I do. Also, I respect people, so if you're going to be on TV and you're going to take people's time make it worth their time. Why should they tune in, when they can get what you're delivering anywhere else? Give them a reason for tuning in and respect the fact that they chose to tune in to watch you, likewise with preaching. 

In my DM's I get a lot of messages of people requesting that I mentor them or them telling me I saved them from suicide." Said Pastor Pushie.

Pushie Watson

Pastor Pushie was also then asked about the sudden attacks and killings of women in the country lately and her thoughts about the crimes, which lead to her opening up about her being abused when she was in her 20's by a boyfriend.

"I think it's just awareness, I think it's always been going on, I remember being that 21-year-old girl that was being dragged by my hair up the stairs, and being beaten and being told 'I'll slash your face so that you never become famous. I was Karabo, but by the grace of God, I survived. It's always been happening, it's just that now there's awareness, women have a voice, we have social media and we cannot be silenced anymore. 

There's always been threats towards women and children but we had no voice, we were silent because the same people we would go to complain to would protect the people who were attacking us. We couldn't speak out."


Pushie also pleaded for people not to judge women in such situations.

"Don't ever judge a Karabo, I was so mad when I heard a very influential person say, 'Don't date men for money'. Do not reduce us to looking for a gold mine or being a gold digger. Even if a girl comes from absolute poverty and is looking for a means to better herself and she's finding it in the wrong places, that gives nobody the right to kill her. 

Secondly, the responsibility is on men, it's on them to be men and to protect women, not for us to say she was dressed inappropriately that's why she got raped. She has the right to wear whatever she wants to wear without you touching her. It's always been happening it's just that now we have a voice and we will be silent no more!

If you're abused or know of a woman being abused please get in contact with organizations like POWA to receive immediate assistance or you can call their emergency line on 011 642 4345 or 011 642 4346.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@PushieWatson