Ask R Kelly trend turns into a disaster

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | R. Kelly  | Drama

As we all know, Twitter has become a bit of an interview platform for celebrities to answer all the questions that you, the loyal and the not so loyal followers, have been dying to ask them.  

Last night R&B veteran R.Kelly decided to pluck up the courage and answer some of the questions his fans have been wanting to ask him, unfortunately, little did Robert Kelly know that what waited for him on the other side of his twitter mentions were a bunch of twitter vultures who were ready to devour his attempts at being open and receptive.

R.Kelly began with a tweet saying; “I want all of my fans to know that this is me, really me answering your questions, so fire away #AskRkelly.”

And they sure did fire away with cringing questions that probably had R.Kelly’s P.R team smacking themselves in the face for the idiotic idea.  Considering R.Kelly’s reputation, surely they should’ve known that this wasn’t going end pretty well.

Questions that occurred ranged from his 2002 sex scandal with a minor, his blond cornrows moment that featured on his hair-braider video and obviously the question that most of us would like to know ‘til to date, if he ever married and had the late Aaliyah pregnant.

Here are just some of the few awkard moment questions that were sent to him.  Be warned a couple of these tweets will have you cringing or just simply laughing at this disastrous attempt of making R.Kelly trend.

Credit: Facebook/R.Kelly

Yesterday R.Kelly also released his new video to the single "Cookie Monster"click here to view the video.