Rachel Kolisi Offends With 'Stupid People' Post

She was dubbed the 'clap back' queen after all

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Rachel Kolisi  | Drama

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The 'clapback queen' strikes again, this time in a post that seems to be directed at trolls.

When an Instagram follower took offence to her post, and questioned her usage of 'stupid people', Rachel kolisi clapped back the best way she knows how.

Just after receiveing her merchandise from Ardie Savea Clothing, Mrs K initially wanted to show it off. However, because of her hectic life (and 'stupid people') the hilarious snap was the best she could come up.

"I wanted to take a fly pic cuz our @ardiesaveaclothing finally arrived.
But between 4 kids, running a business, home renovations, 763 meetings, a very busy husband, and stupid people this is all I got for ya. 💛 2020 is lit. Lol."
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Her sense of humour was welcomed by many who also called her authentic and just downright funny and goofy. 

As per social media norm, there was a handful of people who took offence to her post and calling people 'stupid.' One follower asked her: "Why would you brand people as stupid?"

Rachel responded and said: "Check your profile pic and put two and two together."

Not taking the clap back lying down, the user continued with comments, adding: 
"It's a pity she can't answer a simple question, suppose after being bullied for years about her ears, has her this way. Sad really when she's supposed to be a role model.

"What's so bad about asking a question, she's been bullied that much she has to try [and] bully others to feel better...I asked a simple question, she claims to be Christian, she wouldn't judge or brand anyone if this was the case. Fame has gone to her head, unfortunately."

The mother of 4 paid no attention to the follower's comments.

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